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    Happy 520 Flowers

      Say I Love You This Chinese Valentine’s Day

      Say I Love You This Chinese Valentine’s Day

      Celebrate love and romance like never before with LVLY, Singapore's premier online flower and gift shop. As the enchanting date of 520 approaches, it's time to express your heartfelt emotions in the most exquisite way. 

      At LVLY, we believe in the magic of flowers, and what better occasion than 520 to send a breathtaking bouquet to your beloved? Our handcrafted arrangements, meticulously curated by our expert florists, are designed to captivate the senses and convey your deepest affections.

      Imagine the look of surprise and delight on their face as they receive a vibrant burst of colour and fragrance, carefully arranged with love. Each petal tells a story, a tale of love that transcends words. Whether you're celebrating a budding romance or cherishing years of togetherness, our diverse collection of flowers offers something special for every couple.

      With our seamless online flower delivery in Singapore, surprising your loved one has never been easier. Picture the anticipation as your carefully chosen bouquet arrives at their doorstep, a beautiful symbol of your affection. Our reliable team ensures that each arrangement arrives in pristine condition, radiating the same love and warmth as when it left our hands.

      This 520, let LVLY be your messenger of love. Explore our delightful range of flowers and gifts and let us help you create an unforgettable moment of joy. Together, let's celebrate the power of love and make this day truly extraordinary.

      A Surprise 520 Gift Delivery in Singapore

      A Surprise 520 Gift Delivery in Singapore

      Surprising your loved one with a heartfelt gift has never been easier than with LVLY's special 520 gift delivery in Singapore. 

      520, a magical number symbolizing "I love you" in Chinese, holds a profound meaning that transcends language barriers. At LVLY, we understand the power of such gestures, and we're here to help you make your loved one feel cherished and adored.

      OurBuild Your Own Bundle option allows you to create a gift package tailored to your loved one's preferences. With a wide selection of flowers, delightful treats, and personalized add-ons, you can craft a unique bundle that truly speaks to their heart. Whether it's a vibrant bouquet of their favorite blooms, indulgent chocolates that melt their worries away, or a handwritten message that encapsulates your deepest emotions, our Build Your Own Bundle ensures a gift as special and extraordinary as the bond you share.

      Imagine the look of surprise and joy on their face as our dedicated delivery team arrives at their doorstep, bearing the beautifully crafted gift package that you designed with love. Our warm-hearted couriers understand the significance of these moments and go the extra mile to ensure each delivery is made with utmost care and punctuality.

      Let LVLY be your partner in creating unforgettable memories. Celebrate love, cherish connections, and embrace the magic of 520 with our personalized gift delivery service. Because at LVLY, we believe that every gift has the power to touch souls and create lasting impressions.