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    January 19, 2024 4 min read

    Ah, the season of love is once again upon us and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is the time of the year when we remember just how special love is to us, a time we celebrate acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time spent together and all the other wonderful love languages. It is also the biggest time of the year for flowers and the language of love they represent. From the classic charm of roses to handpicked arrangements that convey your sentiments with style, every bloom tells a story and as you select the perfect arrangement, let it carry the whisper of your deepest emotions. 

    So, dive into the world of flowers with us. Let LVLY be your guide to finding the ideal flowers for Valentine’s Day in Singapore today.


    If you're looking to be the ultimate Romeo or Juliet this year, count on LVLY to send beautiful Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore!


    The Best Flowers For Valentine’s Day

    The most straightforward yet profoundly heartfelt way to convey your love – that's the magic of flowers. They stand as the quintessential Valentine's Day gift, the iconic expression of affection for your special someone. Without flowers on Valentine’s Day, the day wouldn’t quite feel as special as it is. A bouquet on Valentine’s Day symbolises love, appreciation, and gratitude. So, here are some of our picks for flowers that best help speak the language of the heart. 

    Red Roses Bouquet


    Keep it classic and ignite the passion with a bunch of stunning red roses. These timeless beauties aren't just flowers; they're the symbol of pure, unfiltered love – the kind that makes your heart skip a beat.

    Red roses are the ultimate romantic gesture for your partner, they're the perfect way to say 'I love you' passionately to the special someone in your life. 

    Pink Roses Bouquet


    Shake things up and delight your special someone with a bundle of stunning pink roses. Unlike the traditional red, our pink roses embrace a spectrum of love – from the unbreakable bond between besties to the cherished connection between a mother and daughter, all the way to the sweet notes of romantic love.

    These lovely pink blossoms aren't just reserved for romantic partners; they make the perfect gift, for your closest friends and gal pals. And, of course, they're a sweet way to express love to Mum, your sister, or any other incredible woman in your life who deserves to feel utterly cherished. In the language of flowers, let these pink roses convey the various shades of love and appreciation.

    Best Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements 

    Ever heard the phrase "the more, the merrier"? That's exactly the charm you'll find in these lovely flower arrangements snug in our jars. While a single-variety bouquet has its charm, there's something truly enchanting about an assortment of blooms, each playing a part in crafting a greater artistic spectacle. 

    Join us as we take a look at the best Valentine's Day flower arrangements, each a masterpiece in our signature LVLY jar. 

    Pretty Pastels Flower Jar


    A delightful Valentine's Day gift that brings a touch of sweetness to their world. This enchanting arrangement features a fresh mix of roses, carnations, and eustoma blooms, designed to make your special someone’s day shine a little brighter. Nestled in our trademark LVLY jar, this gift not only radiates beauty but also comes with a glass jar adorned with uplifting quotes like 'Have a LVLY day,' 'You LVLY thing,' and 'Sending LVLY Vibes.' Complete with a personalized message card, it's the perfect blend of elegance and heartfelt expression, making it a truly LVLY way to share love and joy this Valentine's Day. 



    Fairytale Forever Flower Jar


    Embark on a romantic journey with our Fairytale Forever Flower Jar, specially curated for Valentine's Day. It's like looking at love in a fairytale; this enchanting arrangement showcases the sweetest pink roses, white eustomas, and fragrant eucalyptus, promising to deliver 100% happiness. Nestled in our signature LVLY jar, this Valentine's special also includes a heartwarming 'Happy Valentine's Day!' on the glass jar and a personal message card, making it an excellent romantic gesture to express your love with a touch of fairytale magic.


    Beauty Fix


    For that friend who's got the ultimate handbag stash, our LVLY Beauty Fix is a game-changer. Because, let's face it, a handbag hoarder's collection is always a work in progress, and this combo of luxe hand cream and body lotion is the perfect contribution to their collection. This special Valentine's Day treat not only includes a stunning Pretty Pastels flower arrangement in our signature LVLY jar but also features a nourishing berry & beech leaf hand cream to add a touch of indulgence to their daily routine. Topped off with a LVLY glass jar adorned with LVLY quotes and a free message card for that personal touch, this Beauty Fix is the ultimate way to show your love and care. 


    And there you have it – the ultimate guide on what flowers to buy for Valentine's Day in Singapore! Whether you've decided on the classic charm of red roses or opted for a variety of flowers elegantly arranged in a jar, the key is to choose with your heart. We believe that every petal tells a story, and every bouquet is a canvas of emotions waiting to be shared. So, this Valentine's Day, let your heart guide you as you express your love through the language of flowers. Remember, it's not just about the flowers; it's about the thought, the sentiment, and the joy they bring to the person receiving it. Happy blooming, lovebirds! Here's to making this Valentine's Day extra LVLY and extra special.